Sunday, March 19, 2017

Laken- 10.5 Months

Laken has changed a lot the past month. At this point I can't remember what he was doing at 10 months so I'm doing a 10 1/2 month update!

Laken has moved to the Infant II classroom at school. He is now the youngest kid in the class and seems to be picking up new (good) things from the older kids.

He's very good now at cruising along the furniture and climbing on everything!

He's finally figure out how to eat real food and is now basically eating anything and everything! Pizza, waffles, pancakes, mac and cheese, eggs, chicken, cheerios, bananas. When we go out to eat, he eats what we eat.   He's not a huge fan of fruits (maybe the sourness?) and picking up anything slimy.

Laken does NOT like being thrown or even lifted up in the air. He will grab you and hang on for dear life. 

He LOVES bath time and watching his brothers take their baths

Has quite the personality and sometimes an attitude!

Loves "cleaning" with a paper towel!

He is a great sleeper. He usually goes to bed around 8pm and gets up around 7am.

He is wearing 9-12 month clothes. 

He loves to drive around toy cars. 

Laken is still into everything and still loves exploring. 

He is almost always happy, and he's especially happy when mom and dad pick him up from school. 

He always wants to play with his brothers, but doesn't quite know how to play with them without messing everything up! 

Haha...that face!

 Loves his daddy!


 Playing with Kempton

 Cleaning with a paper towel as always! Haha!

 Margarita! No was gone and he cannot drink out of a straw!

 Kempton was eating a banana and Lake loves bananas.... he grabbed it! And pulled as hard as he can!

 He's relentless. And this is where the attitude comes in a bit!

 (Yes. Kempton made a chair out of toilet paper and paper towels. This is what we have to deal with people!)

 Driving the bus!

 Laying with his blankie. He never cries when he wakes up....he just starts talking

 Laken in his new classroom at school. He loves this climbing thing, which wasn't in his other classroom. He also loves the car that's in his hand. He plays with it EVERY morning when we drop him off!


Kempton and Laken playing

 Bath with Kempton



 Waking up from his nap...

Playing with Kemp