Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 Baseball- Little Legends Videos

As promised  in the last post here are some videos from the  Cohen and Kempton's baseball season. They had such a fun year playing and we had fun watching as well!

Reciting the Little League Anthem. They said it before every game and I always missed it. Larry gave me a heads up at the end of the year party so I could record it.  :)

Kempton in the field. It's obviously hard to get a video of them fielding so this is the only one I got.  The rest of the videos are of them hitting. In case you have a hard time figuring out who is who...Kempton has blue shoes and Cohen has red shoes!


Saturday, June 24, 2017

2017 Baseball- Little Legends

Cohen and Kempton loved playing baseball this year. We are grateful that Cohen was randomly placed with Coach Larry last year becuase Coach Larry allowed Kempton to play on the team this year. Kempton technically isn't old enough to play, but as you can see in the videos below he can completely keep up with everyone else and fits right in! Their team name this year was Little Legends.

Cohen has improved tremendously this year. We thought he was pretty good last year, but his confidence improved so much this year, which makes him even better! He usually played 3rd base and picked to be #7 this year again. 

Kempton usually played center field and was #1 this year.  

Dan helped coach and was the pitcher for all of the kids, which is no easy task! Though, some days I think I would have rather pitched than entertain Laken on the sidelines! Anyway, Dan did an awesome job and worked hard to figure out each kid's "sweet spot" so they would be able to hit the ball!

We had a lot of games rained out and cancelled this year which was quite the bummer! Here are some pictures from the year. I'm going to do a separate post with the videos.

Walking to their first game.

For one game Laken sat still for about 10 minutes! YAY!
Say the little league anthem before their last game

His face!


GG and Grandpa made it to a couple games! The boys were excited and so happy!

Cohen, Coach Larry and Kemp
Cohen, Luke and Kempton

The team at their end of season party with their trophies. 

And their official baseball pictures....so handsome!