Sunday, February 25, 2018

An Update

2017 was one busy year, hence the lack of blog updates! We are all doing well here and here is an update on everyone!


Laken turned 18 months and here are his stats from his appointment in October

Height: 32 inches (79th percentile)
Weight: 23lbs 9 oz (61st percentile)
Head 46.9cm (52nd percentile)

Laken is now 21 months old and has quite the personality. He loves playing with his brothers, dad and I. He talks a lot and repeats everything we say, but is very good at communicating. He says things like "upstairs" when he wants to go upstairs and "diaper" when he needs a diaper change and much more. That is helpful! He still loves his "nigh nights" aka his blankets and still chews on them when he goes to sleep.When he wakes up he doesn't yell or say anything. He'll just lay in his crib until someone goes into the room to check on him. He is a very good sleeper! He likes to eat pizza, cheese, fruit and treats (haha...wonderful!). He drinks from a regular cup now and likes to drink anything! Like even if I get a diet coke, he'll take a sip without flinching. So strange!

He loves Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale, Peppa Pig and Elmo. Laken also likes Star Wars and can recognize and say stormtrooper, yoda, R2D2 and Vader. He loves playing with cars, trains, balls and anything his brothers are playing with! On our trip to Disney World last week, Laken was obsessed with the Disney buses. He likes to run and tackle his brothers. 

Laken is entering the "terrible twos" and has started randomly screaming when he wants something or if we don't understand what he wants.  He has very little patience! Laken was moved up to the 2 year old classroom early and seems to be doing well with the bigger kids.


Kempton just turned 5 and loves being 5! He's been talking about it every since his birthday. Kempton is still crazy and our little spitfire. He makes our days challenging and exhausting but fun and hilarious!

Here are his 5 year stats: 
Height: 44.5 inches (77th percentile)
Weight:  40lbs (42nd percentile)
BWI: 14.2 (12th percentile)

He started Pre-K at the elementary school that Cohen goes to. Normally, you have to be at a certain income in order to be in the pre-k, but they had openings so we enrolled him a the last minute.  I was terrified for Cohen to start Kindergarten, but wasn't at all nervous for Kempton to start pre-k at the big school. I think part of it is Kempton's personality and the also because Cohen was already at the school. Kempton is doing very well though! He is getting better at writing his letters and learning his sight words. He is making new friends as well. He does the before and after school program with Cohen and they get to play legos in the morning and sports in the gym in the afternoon. They love it. 

Kempton is a super picky eater, but we are always working to get him to try new things. Some things that he loves are strawberries, chicken, oatmeal, peanut butter toast, pancakes, cheese.  He still only drinks milk and water, which I'm totally ok with!

Kempton loves legos, hot wheels, star wars, avengers, but isn't as toy obsessed as Cohen. Kempton would rather have sports jerseys and treats than toys. While he'll sometimes sit down and play with action figures, he'd rather play sports, video games, do art or other random things. He's pretty unpredictable. I just know that he has lots of energy and loves to play!

Here are some of his favorites according to him: 

Animal: Lion
Color: Blue
Number: 5
Thing to do: play football
Food: strawberries
Treat: chocolate and gummy worms
Sports Team: Vikings
TV Show: Vikings and Ninja Turtles
Movie: Star Wars and Black Panther
Book: Star Wars ABC
Ride at Disney Word: Space Mountain 


Cohen is 7! How do we have a 7 year old?!

Here are his stats from his 7 year check-up: 
Height: 51 inches (90h percentile) He's tall enough to ride every ride at Disney World!
Weight:  55lbs (65th percentile)
BWI: 14.9 (31st percentile) 

Cohen is in 1st grade and is learning so much! He is getting really good at reading and math. His writing is coming along, but still something he needs to work on. Once he gets a little more confident he'll do even better at all of this. I am so impressed and proud of him! His favorite subject is gym and his least favorite is art.

Cohen loves playing! He loves playing with legos and action figures. He will play for a good hour, unless his brothers are bothering him. He loves Star Wars, Avengers and Spiderman. Cohen loves playing and watching sports especially football, baseball and basketball. He loves collecting football cards.  He know all of the team and lots of the players. He is excited for the baseball season to start soon. 

He has a silly, shy personality. He is a really good kid. He never wants to get in trouble. He is great with his brothers! He plays with Kempton a lot and of course, they fight, but he just loves both of his brothers. He loves trying to carry Laken and snuggling with him, but isn't a fan when Laken tries to play with him, because Laken usually messes up his toys.

Cohen will eat most foods and he'll at least try things without a fus! Some of his favorites include: chicken, steak, asparagus, green beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, ham, turkey, pancakes,waffles, bacon and oatmeal.

Here are some of his favorites according to him: 

Animal: Lion
Color: Red
Thing to do: play! Play with mom and dad
Sport: Football
Sports Team:Vikings
TV Show:Ninja Turtles
Movie:Star Wars
Book: Animal books (He loves non-fiction!)
Ride at Disney Word:  Rock N' Rollercoaster

As for Dan and I, it's been a busy year at work, and we've busy trying to keep up with the boys! We are still living in Annapolis in our 2-bedrom condo that we have grown out of, but the boys don't seem to mind. I know they would love a house and I would love some more space, but I'm sure we'll buy one eventually. They have been decreasing our rent for the last 2 years, so that's nice! I'm hoping 2018 will be a good year to save some money! (knock on wood!)  We love traveling with the boys to Disney World and making memories (so much for saving money, huh?). We are excited for the weather to get nicer and spend more time outside. :) 

Hopefully I'll get around to updating more this year!

Here are a couple pictures from our recent trip to Disney World:



Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 Baseball- Little Legends Videos

As promised  in the last post here are some videos from the  Cohen and Kempton's baseball season. They had such a fun year playing and we had fun watching as well!

Reciting the Little League Anthem. They said it before every game and I always missed it. Larry gave me a heads up at the end of the year party so I could record it.  :)

Kempton in the field. It's obviously hard to get a video of them fielding so this is the only one I got.  The rest of the videos are of them hitting. In case you have a hard time figuring out who is who...Kempton has blue shoes and Cohen has red shoes!


Saturday, June 24, 2017

2017 Baseball- Little Legends

Cohen and Kempton loved playing baseball this year. We are grateful that Cohen was randomly placed with Coach Larry last year becuase Coach Larry allowed Kempton to play on the team this year. Kempton technically isn't old enough to play, but as you can see in the videos below he can completely keep up with everyone else and fits right in! Their team name this year was Little Legends.

Cohen has improved tremendously this year. We thought he was pretty good last year, but his confidence improved so much this year, which makes him even better! He usually played 3rd base and picked to be #7 this year again. 

Kempton usually played center field and was #1 this year.  

Dan helped coach and was the pitcher for all of the kids, which is no easy task! Though, some days I think I would have rather pitched than entertain Laken on the sidelines! Anyway, Dan did an awesome job and worked hard to figure out each kid's "sweet spot" so they would be able to hit the ball!

We had a lot of games rained out and cancelled this year which was quite the bummer! Here are some pictures from the year. I'm going to do a separate post with the videos.

Walking to their first game.

For one game Laken sat still for about 10 minutes! YAY!
Say the little league anthem before their last game

His face!


GG and Grandpa made it to a couple games! The boys were excited and so happy!

Cohen, Coach Larry and Kemp
Cohen, Luke and Kempton

The team at their end of season party with their trophies. 

And their official baseball handsome!